viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014


My department is Pide por esa boquita. It has the function of:
- Buy the neccesary material for each workshop.
- Carry it to each group at the begining of the breaks and also pick it up at the end.
- Open the class to each workshop.
We used "Trello" to call together to the meetings. We have done three meetings from the begining to now but we are always in touch to be inform about the problems and changes.
First we did the timetable.
Mostrando Horario talleres Miniempresa educativa.png
Next to this, we divided up the task necessary to do (that were so much). For example I was in charge of doing a list including the P.E material to check what of that are here and what should be bought. We did a very beautiful post box to the responsible of each workshop to put a list with their material necessities (I am proud of myself because it was my idea). We organized ourself in partners to bring the material and open the classes to each workshop each break. I am responsible on thursday because in that day, my workshop takes place so I know what are the necessities. Every Mondays I look for the thursday workshops' paper and I pass the list to Lola Extremera (this deparment main guide teacher). They give us the money to buy the materials. After buy that, I keep the materials in the students association office and I give the ticket to Lola to pass it to the Bank department. I have had the idea of keep each workshop's material in a box with the purpose of find it quickly. There are still many things to change such us how to do the process of buying the material without passing by Lola to do it more quickly.

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