miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014


We have just done the workshop's demo!
 It was difficult to choose the activity to do in our workshop. Thinking and thinking. First one of us thougth of doing aerobic and the other ones, thougth of doing relaxing. Finally we decided to do crafts thanks to the fantastic ideas searched on pinterest.
Then, we were looking for crafts to do on the demo. There were a lot of good ideas but we had to choose the ones wich can be done in 45 minutes. At the end we found a very interesting autumn craft on Pinterest (I love this web) and also how to paint a tree using the botton of a bottle. The last one, make little characters with tennis ball was a Carmen's idea.
We made a list with the necessary materials for the demo and we organized the groups and how to introduce our workshop.
In my opinion, I think we were very well organized. We did three groups with our classmates.
Pilar and Carmen were in charge of the tennis ball-character. Maria did the poster with the tree painted with the bottle. Ana and me helped our friend to decorate pots with leaves (that I picked up the day before).
We were a little bit nervous becouse a fist time doing something is normally exciting. I felt that our classmates weren't having fun, but later, I felt better when I saw the assessments. This is a photo that sum up our demo.

AFTER: The result were quite good but always there are things to improve.
We are taking ideas about decorate box or school material. Because of the first's day nervous, the organitation can improve, so we are going to do it as much as possible. A key aspect is to obtain utensils to clean the used area because the class must be perfect for the next classes that are going to be there.

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